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Christian Printables
1 Samuel 1:1 - 2:11
Hannah Prays For A Son
1 Samuel 1:1 - 2:11

Bible story:
Samuel, God's Boy-Servant

Coloring page:
Hannah pleads with God for a son
Samuel is dedicated to the Lord

Samuel’s special coat
* One plastic trash bag vest for each child, use white plastic
kitchen size trash bags, and cut them up the front. Cut out a hole
for the head and two holes for arms.
* Glue
* Crayons & markers
Let the children color and decorate their vests! Tell them that
Samuel felt very special when his mother brought him a new coat
each year. Let the children wear their vests home!

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Never too young

Hannah prays for a son

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Hannah’s song of thanksgiving

Hannah and Samuel

Kids Sermon
Keeping our promises

Hannah prays for a son Fill in the blank

Sunday school lessons:
Preschool - Kindergarten: Hannah has a son
Early elementary: Hannah prays for a son: The boy Samuel
Upper elementary: Hannah
Upper elementary: Samuel is Born
Preteen: Hannah's prayers answered
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Missing the mark
Coloring book:
Samuel, God's Boy-Servant



Bulletin Board Ideas:
Christian boards




Lyrics, music:
My God is so big

Other fun printable Bible learning activities:

H is for Hannah
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