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1 Kings 3:6 - 15
Solomon Asks God For Wisdom
1 Kings 3:6 - 15
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Bible story:

Wise King Solomon

Coloring page:

Solomon Asks For Wisdom


Wisdom is greater than silver and gold. Proverbs 3:14
Coloring page (
Treasure Chest)
Gold/silver circles
Bible verse stickers
Crayons (In room)
Glue sticks (In room)
Let the children color their treasure chest. Help them glue a few
gold and silver pieces in the chest. Let them add a bible verse
Talk about: Wisdom is more valuable than gold and silver. We can learn God’s
wisdom by listening to God’s Word, the Bible. You can also pray to
God and ask for wisdom just like Solomon.

Wisdom is better than gold
Egg carton treasure box
Solomon's desire granted


Starting Well But Finishing Badly



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Kids Sermon

Smart or Wise?



Sunday school lessons:

Preschool - Kindergarten: Solomon
Early elementary: Solomon seeks wisdom
Upper elementary: Solomon Asks God for Wisdom
Preteen: Solomon's wisdom
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I’m the king game

Write the following words on individual index cards, explaining to the
children what each one means: kindness,forgiveness, honesty,
compassion, patience, happiness, peaceful, friendliness.
Select one child to be the “KING”. Children sit in the circle,
while the king sits in the middle. Have each child draw a card.
The first child will describe a situation that is on their card. For
example, if they draw forgiveness, they might say: My little
sister broke my favorite toy, but I forgave her. The king will then
determine whether or not the situation describes the word.
If so, the child may enter the kingdom (inside the circle) with the king.

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