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Exodus 11:1 - 12:33
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Fill your Seder Plate

Coloring book:

The Passover

Play Skit:

Moses and the plagues
The Passover
A Christian Sader (say'der) outline for your Easter celebrations

Bulletin Board Ideas:  

10 Plagues

Lyrics, music:  

The plaque song


I will Passover

Other fun printable Bible learning activities:
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Passover Craft

Passover is the Jewish holiday that
celebrates the Israelites’ exodus and
freedom from slavery under the Egyptians.  
The Passover Seder is a ritual feast–full of
ceremony and symbolism–that marks the
beginning of Passover. It involves retelling
the story of the exodus from Egypt together
with dinner. This craft will help children
better understand the ceremony and
symbolisms of Passover.
Ten Plagues on Plates

Prep Time: 45 minutes  Hands on
Time: 30 minutes
All Ten Plagues craft