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Exodus 2:11 - 4:18
God Speaks To Moses
Through A Burning Bush
Exodus 2:11 - 4:18

Bible story: The Prince Becomes a Shepherd

Coloring page:
Moses kills the Egyptian slavemaster
Moses delivers Jethro's daughters
Moses the shepherd
Burning bush

Crafts: Moses and the burning bush

Buy some  "snap and glow" bracelets from the Dollar Tree - Dollar
Store in red and yellow. The kids Scotch tape or hot glue paper
leaves to a popsicle stick "bush" and paper "flames" to the
bracelet. Then, twist the bracelet to start it glowing and hang it on
the bush.

Devotional: Your burning bush

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Maze: Moses and the burning bush

Sunday school lessons:
Preschool Kindergarten: The call of Moses
Early elementary: Moses and the burning bush
Upper elementary: The burning bush
Preteen: The call of Moses
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Game: Journey to the promised land

Coloring book: The Prince Becomes a Shepherd           


God of wonders

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Lyrics, music:
Keep your light shining

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