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Christian Printables
Genesis 25:21 - 50:11
Genesis 25:21 - 50:11

Bible story: Jacob the Deceiver

Coloring page:
Jacob wrestles with God
Stolen blessing
Jacob’s dream
Jacob and Esau reconcile
Jacob's family

The Jacob's ladder toy
Jacob's Ladder Paper Chain

Devotional: Repotted to Grow

Puzzles: Crossword    
                        Word search

Maze: Jacob has a dream at Bethel
                  Jacob Rachel

Sunday school lessons:

Preschool Kindergarten Jacob and Esau
Early elementary Jacob receives the blessing
Upper elementary Jacob's dream
Upper elementary Jacob and Esau
Upper elementary Your name shall be Israel
Upper elementary The sons of Jacob
Preteen Jacob Receives the Blessing
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Coloring book:
Jacob the Deceiver


God of wonders



Lyrics, music:
The Wise Man Built His House

Other fun printable Bible learning activities:

The 12 sons of Jacob fill-in the blanks
Jocob's ladder hidden message activity
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