Genesis 1:1 - 2:3

Creation matching game (concentration)

Bible concentration

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Creation Days

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Letter "B" is for Beginning
Creation fill in the blank
Just cut out each wheel, have your children color
the pictures as you discuss the order of the
creation, cut out the little windows on the top wheel,
then put the wheel together with a brad so the top
can turn to show each day’s creations.
A creative and interactive way to make the
lesson stick, is to make one of these creation
booklets with your toddler's and preschool
class. This could be stretched out over a 7
week period.
Craft Supplies:
slender wooden dowels cut in short lengths
string or yarn
paper shapes Click Here to Download PDF Patterns
hole punch
card stock weight paper
crayons or markers to decorate shapes
clear tape

Craft Instructions:
Make your own shapes or download the patterns provided...
And it was good crossword puzzle

In the beginning God created the
heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1