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John 4:7 - 4:43
Jesus And The Woman At The Well
John 4:7-43

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Bible story:

Samaritan woman flash card set

Coloring page:

Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well
Samaritan Woman


Lava lamps
You will need a 20 ounce soda bottle for each child removing the wrapper.  
Fill them a third full of cooking oil, adding food coloring and glitter and then
fill them almost to the top with water. On the side write Jesus is living water.

Have the children make a well out of paper bags that are filled with crumpled
newspaper. Stack them up in a circle to make the well. Place a large bowl
of cold water in the well and lower a cup down by a rope to get water
from the well. Give each child a sip of the water.

Jesus offers living water
Make these little "wells" out of craft sticks and card stock
Make a toy water well from a milk carton
Woman at the well
Woman At The Well
Living water
Group activities
Group activities


What`s A Bucket Worth?



Word search

Kids Sermon

The thirst quencher


Living water


Jesus and the Samaritan woman          Answer key

Sunday school lessons:

Preschool - Kindergarten The woman at the well meets Jesus
Early elementary The woman at the well
Upper elementary The woman at the well
Preteen Woman at the well
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One way

Coloring book:

The woman at the well

Play Skit:

The Samaritan Woman at the Well

Bulletin Board Ideas:  

Drink of living water

Lyrics, music:  

I've got the joy in my heart


Jesus is my best friend

Other fun printable Bible learning activities:
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