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Luke  2:41-52
Jesus In The Temple At Age 12
Luke  2:41-52

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Bible story:

Jesus in the temple at twelve years old

Coloring page:

And all were amazed
Your Word
Holy Bible


Materials needed:
Bibles (same version)
Posterboard cut into 2" wide X 6" high pieces (one per child)
Hole Punch
Religious stickers or seals

Prepare in advance - Punch a hole at the top of
each child's posterboard.

Talk with the children about how important it was for
Jesus to know the scriptures.  Because He studied
the scriptures he was able to know the truth about himself.  
When He visited the temple He was able to teach the priests
and rabbi's things they needed to learn.  He was able to grow
in favor with God and man because He knew God's word. Help
the children locate the memory verse in their Bibles.  
Don't find it for them.  Take the time to show them
how to use the Table of Contents to locate the book of where
your memory verse is located. After the memory verse is read,
repeat it several times together. Make a bookmark out of the
posterboard decorating it with stickers and tying a string of yarn
on the end. Encourage the children to take the bookmark home
and find the text in their Bibles again at home to share with a
friend or family member.

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Group activities


The twelve-year-old Jesus goes to the temple



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