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Mark 12:41 - 12:44
The Widow's Mite
Mark 12:41 - 44

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Bible story:

The widow's mite

Coloring page:

The widow gives all she has
The Widow's Offering


Coins/Mite  Print

Art Emboss Foil, Aluminum medium -  each 9” x 12” sheet is to be cut
into 24 pieces 2” x 2” (you may want to actually cut them into 1 3/4”
diameter circles). A minimum of 12 coins can be made from each sheet.
Wooden stylus - enough for one per child.  2 each come with each
sheet.  They are simple pointed sticks like a candy apple comes on.  
(If more sticks are not available, plastic clay tools will also do)
Lara craft 1 1/2” wooden discs (6 per bag).  Cardboard or Styrofoam
also works if you find them.
Folded up sheets of newspaper.
Scissors, only if you do not precut circles.

What to do:
1. Pass out materials.  Every child will receive a folded section of
newspaper to serve as a soft background, 2 small pieces of foil, a
disk and a stylus tool.
2. The children are to trace the disc onto the centers of both pieces of
foil, by pressing gently with the stylus.   
3. Tell the children to draw designs or figures within the circles they
have drawn.  
4. They can then turn the foil over and rub parts of the surface with the
stylus to stretch the metal.  By flipping back and forth, outlining and
rubbing - a raised impression can be created.  They should also work
their name or initials onto one piece of foil.
5. When both pieces of foil are decorated, they should be pressed over
both sides of the disc. If you have not precut the foil into 1 3/4” circles,
the children will need scissors to trim the foil pieces.  A serrated
stylus may be used to create a ribbed edge.

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Widow’s mite
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The Widow's Mite



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The Widow's Mite




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