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Numbers 22:1 - 22:35
Balaam And His Donkey
Numbers 22:1 - 22:35

Bible story:
The story of Balaam's donkey
Forty years

Coloring page:
Balaam's donkey speaks to him


Give each child a cartoon picture of the donkey's head and enlarged
it on a photocopier. Copy enough of the pictures so that each child
has a picture. Each child is to color the picture and cut it out. After
the pictures are colored and cut out, mount them on craft sticks.
Each child is encouraged to hold the picture up to their faces and
speak like the donkey did to Balaam.  

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Sunday school lessons:
All: Balaam and the Donkey story cut-outs
Preschool - Kindergarten: Balaam and the donkey
Early elementary: The story of Balaam
Upper elementary: Balaam
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Game: A creative game (Journey To The Promised Land)
Coloring book:
Forty years
The donkey that talked    

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I'm in the Lord's army

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