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Christian Printables
Numbers 21:4 - 21:9
The Bronze Serpent
Numbers 21:4 - 21:9

Bible story: Forty years

Coloring page:
Moses and the bronze snake
The Israelite's complain
The bronze serpent

Crafts: Bible "Friends"

# 1 For a simple craft activity, make a snake mobile from a
paper plate. Draw on the plate an unbroken line from the
outside rim in a spiral that winds its way to the centre.
Cut along this line and you should have a curly snake,
which the children can colour in. Because the snake will
naturally curve around, it will be easy to wrap this around
a bamboo pole or garden stick to complete the visual aid.

# 2 Clay Snakes
Materials Needed: orange or brown clay, craft sticks, paper plates
Directions: Using orange or brown clay, have the children make their
own snakes. Then give each child a craft stick and have him/her
wrap the snake around the pole. Set the snake on a paper plate and
let dry.

# 3 A Serpent of Bronze
Materials Needed: red cardstock with spiral snake outline, bronze
metallic paint, paintbrushes, scissors, hole-puncher (optional),
chopsticks (optional), red yarn or ribbon (optional)
Directions: Have the children cut out the spiral snakes; then, allow
them to paint bronze designs onto the “fiery” red snakes. Have older
children attach the snake to a “pole” using the hole-puncher, ribbon,
and chopstick.
Devotional: Dads job

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Sunday school lessons:
Preschool - Kindergarten: The bronze serpent in the wilderness
Early elementary: Moses makes a serpent of brass
Upper elementary: The bronze serpent
Preteen: God's hand in our lives
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Game: A creative game (Journey To The Promised Land)
Coloring book: Forty years           

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